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            中媒聯動☆傳媒聯盟 2014-04-16 重要通知與聲明  2020年精選20個創業好項目——期待與您早日聯手合作共贏  僅需5.8萬元就可通過CCTV點睛播出1個月和通過GJTV等百家媒體聯合常年展播  評選與出版《當代百名書畫藝術名家抗疫作品展》的活動通知 五秒電視廣告只需五十元☆本項目正在誠征各地代理 點此查看加盟合作☆本站人才招聘公告  
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            時間:2025-09-30 22:35 來源:中國傳媒聯盟作者:中媒聯動
            岳興 國際視網文化管理中心 執行總監 中國傳媒聯盟 創始人 中媒聯動文化傳媒 CEO 國際誠信道德體系共建管理中心 執行主席 315 誠信品牌共建調研監督中心 執行總監 GJTV(國網視)國際網絡電視
            岳興  男 73年生  祖籍河南  現居北京;
            性格: 幽默、膽大、心細、善于創新;

            Yue Xingnan was born in Henan in 1973 and now lives in Beijing.
            Character: Humorous, bold, careful and innovative;
            Senior - Planner, Journalist, Social Problem Researcher.


            Rule of conduct - abide by the law, honesty;
            The principle of making friends is to make good friends and love to make friends, but believe that true friends can't get away with, and friends can't be made;
            Principles of handling affairs - do what can be done, do what is difficult and try to do what is impossible to do, explain to the parties why (what difficulties) can not be done, and do not delay the time and opportunity of others;
            Principle of Employment - There are no useless people, only those who can't use people. Learn to look at the strengths of others with a magnifying glass, and see the weaknesses of others with a shrinking mirror. You will find that everyone is a rare talent.

            國際視網文化管理中心 執行總監
            國際誠信道德體系共建管理中心 執行主席
            315 誠信品牌共建調研監督中心 執行總監
            電視藝術家協會旅游專業委員會 副秘書長

            中國傳媒聯盟 創始人/總監
            中媒聯動文化傳媒 (中媒集團)  CEO

            中媒助企中心 總策劃/發起人/執行總監
            中國傳媒聯盟+跨界資源整合 發展管理中心 總監
            GJTV(國網視)國際網絡電視臺 總監
            國際誠信道德體系共建-☆-法治文化論證研究會 發起人 / 秘書長
            FZTV(法治TV--法眼看天下☆法學論證會)法治網絡電視臺 總監
            CCTV3-綜藝中國-央視時空 電視欄目 副總監
            中國傳媒聯盟網、征信114信譽度數據庫、315誠信品牌共建網、GJTV(國網視)國際網絡電視臺、FZTV(法治TV)法治網絡電視臺 (責編)總監控
            Current positions:
            Executive Director, International Video Network Cultural Management Center
            Executive Chairman of International Credit and Ethics System Co-construction Management Center
            315 Executive Director of Research and Supervision Center for Integrity Brand Co-construction
            Deputy Secretary-General of the Tourism Professional Committee of the Association of Television Artists
            Founder/Director of China Media Alliance
            CEO of China Media Linkage Cultural Media (China Media Group)
            Chief Planner/Initiator/Executive Director of China Media Aid Enterprise Center
            Director, China Media Alliance + Cross-border Resource Integration Development Management Center
            Director of GJTV International Network Television
            Founder/Secretary-General of the International Society for Demonstration of the Culture of Rule of Law
            FZTV (Rule of Law TV - Viewing the World from a Legal Perspective) Director of Rule of Law Network Television Station
            China Media Alliance Network, Credit Reputation 114 Database, 315 Integrity Brand Co-construction Network, GJTV International Network Television Station and FZTV Rule of Law Network Television Station

            打造百家優秀律師事務所活動  發起人
            打造百名優秀律師活動  發起人
            打造百家優秀養老機構活動  發起人
            打造百家優秀幼教機構活動  發起人
            打造百家國際誠信道德體系共建單位活動  發起人
            打造百名國際誠信道德體系共建先進人物活動  發起人
            打造百名國際誠信道德體系共建書畫藝術名家活動  發起人
            打造百名國際誠信道德體系共建先進法務工作者活動  發起人
            打造百名國際誠信道德體系共建好少年活動  發起人
            國際誠信道德體系共建書畫藝術名家--書畫趣味競拍活動 發起人

            Initiators of 11 ongoing events:
            The sponsor of the series of lectures (mini-drama) on the production, exhibition and broadcasting of 100 episodes of Pufa
            Creating the Initiators of 100 Excellent Law Firms
            Creating the Founder of 100 Excellent Lawyers'Activities
            Creating the Initiators of 100 Excellent Pension Institutions
            Creating the Initiators of 100 Excellent Preschool Education Institutions
            Initiator of Building 100 International Honesty and Morality System Co-construction Units
            Create a hundred international integrity moral system, build an advanced person activity initiator
            Creating 100 International Honesty and Morality System and Co-sponsoring the Activity of Famous Artists of Calligraphy and Painting
            Creating 100 International Honesty and Morality System and Building Advanced Forensic Workers
            Create 100 International Honesty and Morality System and Build Youth Activity Initiators Together
            International Faithful and Moral System Co-founds Famous Artists of Calligraphy and Painting--Initiator of Interesting Bidding Activity of Calligraphy and Painting




            Successful cases of classical planning in the past——
            One yuan rental car (let a friend with a principal of only 100,000 yuan break through the assets of over 100 million in five years)
            Hotel Marketing (Make a reservation empty if a hotel is not built)
            Media marketing (making a local TV station's ratings 60 times and its benefits soar in half a year)
            A Kiss to Surprise the City (Resurrection of a Water Entertainment Place)
            Media integration (the first person in China, since 2000, has been established: the film and Television Alliance of 188 local and municipal TV stations, the paper media alliance of 232 books and newspapers, the network alliance of 528 news networks, and the three alliances mentioned above collectively called China Media Alliance);
            Cross-border integration (integration of planning alliances comprising hundreds of senior planning experts, integration of consultation alliances comprising hundreds of veteran leaders, professors, scholars and experts, integration of legal rights alliances comprising hundreds of lawyers and legal practitioners)...
            General Planning of Search Name Network
            General Planning of Zongqin Network
            Top Network Master Plan on the List
            Master Plan of National Tourism Network
            General Planning of Chinese Performers Database

            Five major operating platforms——
            China Media Alliance
            315 Integrity Brand Co-construction Network
            Credit Reputation 114 Database
            GJTV International Network Television Station
            FZTV (Legal View of the World) Law Argumentation Society...


            影視聯盟  紙媒聯盟  網絡聯盟   律師聯盟  人員查詢  加盟合作  最新最熱


            部分內容源于網絡 目的在于傳播 如有侵權速聯秒刪



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